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Courses & Workshops

Vedic Chanting and Yoga Sutra

The Yoga Sutra is the key philosophical text used to support this approach to yoga, presented as short terse verses or sutra. The Yoga Sutra class will take a couple of sutras each week and look at them in detail including the meaning of each of the Sanskrit words. We will explore their interpretation and their relevance to the theory and practice of yoga. We will provide handouts with the sutras and word breakdown printed, and space if you want to take any notes (entirely optional).

We will also chant the sutras that we study, which was the traditional means to learn them and precursor to studying them. Vedic Chanting is a disciplined approach to chanting the sacred texts of India with strict rules about pronunciation etc. (As opposed to devotional singing , chanting etc). In this group we will gradually learning simple chants and in so doing learning to pronounce and chant Sanskrit accurately. Chanting is great practice for developing concentration, working with the breath and, from a traditional point of view stimulating agni, the digestive fire which is also seen as important for clear perception and clarity of mind.

We will start from the beginning and gradually develop our understanding and repertoire of chanting. Handouts will be provided.

The cost is £50 for each course. If you already attend a group class with either Gail or myself  OR want to attend both Yoga Sutra and Vedic Chanting this is reduced to £45 (£90 for the two)

If you attend a group class AND want to attend both Yoga Sutra and Vedic Chanting this is reduced to £40 (£80 for the two)